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Reactions in Brief

We really hope you’ll share your reaction to the film in a thoughtful, poetic or powerfully argued 500-1000 word essay. But if you’d rather leave a brief comment, here’s your space!

Conservatism vs. Extremism

In the film, Asra refers to certain mosque members as extremists. How does one draw the line between religious conservatism and extremism? Did Asra make a tactical error in employing this term in her activism?

Rhetoric vs. Reality

The current imam of the Islamic Center of Morgantown tells us that no official rule ever existed and no decision was ever made by mosque authorities preventing women from using the front door or praying in the main hall. Are such assurances at odds with the reality in the Morgantown mosque and elsewhere?

The Issue of Bias

Is this film “biased?” Because it centers on the story of Asra Nomani, who doesn’t represent the majority of American Muslims? Because it dwells on controversy and conflict? Or does it manage to maintain balance even while painting a portrait of a polarizing figure and exploring controversial issues?

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