Film subjects, Muslim leaders and viewers share personal reactions to THE MOSQUE IN MORGANTOWN — where it succeeded, what it left out, lessons learned and more.

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Dylan Chambers:  
What I Learned From The Mosque in Morgantown

Eleven-year-old viewer from Cincinnati
As an eleven-year-old boy, I don’t understand why the idea of women praying next to men should cause such an uproar. It seems like it shouldn’t matter.

Suhail Qureshi:  
The Problem with Asra Nomani

Writer and hijack survivor living in Houston, TX
Most Muslims are not upset by what Asra Nomani stands for. They are upset as to how she went about it. If it is a Muslim problem, why involve outsiders? It’s our community. Let us talk about it and decide for ourselves what is right or not right without outside interference. Change should come from within and not feel like it is being imposed by non-Muslims.

Aminah Carroll:  
Reflections on Social Justice and Change

Writer, Muslim and West Virginia resident
This forthright documentary chronicles the clash between concerted, articulated, bold, reformative social change agency as stimulated by Nomani, and the protective defensiveness of a religion under hostile world critique. The end result is a very healthy examination of the cultural evolution of a mosque and its people.

Parween Mascari:  
Seeing the Film in Morgantown

Attorney, Afghan-American and Morgantown resident
This film is inspiring for what it says about the country we live in and the freedoms it affords all of us. When people didn’t agree, Asra took a stand, the media was called, the media was granted access, there was controversy, there were demonstrations, elections, and even a trial. Then a film was made and it has provoked open discussion in Morgantown and now a national debate on this website about sensitive issues where people can speak freely without fear of retribution.

Sohail Chaudhry:  
Credit Where Credit Is Due

Imam, The Islamic Center of Morgantown
The mosque in Morgantown was not revolutionized through the struggles of one woman determined to protect women’s rights in a male-dominated community. Our growth is the product of years of hard work, patient effort, hours of communication across various personalities and, above all, the will to make progress by creating an environment of friendship and understanding.

Salam Al-Marayati:  
Response to The Mosque in Morgantown

Executive Director, Muslim Public Affairs Council
Asra Nomani is too quick with the label of extremism. Judgmentalism is always bad, but it is worse when it comes from moderates than when it comes from militants because we expect this behavior from militants. We must be clear: conservatism and extremism are two different issues.

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